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    Thank you!

    Have had the heads done for a long time. Parts to finish him arrived while I was down. He just needed assembled. Finally was able to do it. I present my Reverse Flash. I like the second meaner looking head better, but it is a tad small. Second pictured head was made from a cast of an MU guy with parts added from Infinite Heroes RF. Overall figure is just a bash of the Infinite Heroes Reverse Flash and a MU Yellowjacket.

    Dio was made by TieFighterTK069. Awesome dio!!

    Thanks for looking.


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      Finally modded a DC Multiverse Joker. Gave him better elbows (unfortunately black pegs til I get purple), new head, removed his jacket and painted his shirt orange, SS articulated hands (I like him with white gloves) and gave him ankle articulation. HQ just has added GIJoe Covergirl arms. I still need to sculpt the frills. I am procrastinating since my first attempt failed the look I wanted. Thanks for looking!


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        Thank you. Made a new head for my Harley Quinn. Just need to eventually change out some red joints for black ones. Thanks for looking.


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          Did a few Oktober Guard's. Thanks for looking.


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            My versions of Mr T and Marion Cobretti (Stallone) for the Joe verse. Thanks for looking.