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Bigger Boa V2 WIP

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  • Bigger Boa V2 WIP

    Almost there... just a few more pieces necessary to complete this, and the tiniest bit of paint for touchup and detail.

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    don't understand why you'd put the time an effort into a wuss like this when you know Rocky is going to knock the piss at of him!


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      Oh man, it's ON! Get working on that Rocky so BB can make him bleed all over the place!


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        He's gonna be awesome. But like I said XOC, Rocky wins in the final round.


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          Update and parts list, now that I have everything. I still need to paint, but thus far everything has come together too nicely to not share.

          Head: FSS Big Boa
          Torso: Combination MU Ares and MU Hercules
          Arms: MU Hercules modded with "Ultimate" Stormshadow leg wraps as arm/hand wraps
          Upper Legs: MU Ares
          Knees: MU Herc modded with MU Crossbones kneepads, cast by AngelForge
          Lower Legs: MU Hercules
          Boots: MU Hercules Upper portion cast by Vortious, lower portion MU Thor modded into a rocker foot
          Harness: MU Herc cast by Vortious, modded to remove the strap across the chest
          Championship Belt: Cast by Vortious
          Gloves: FSS Big Boa, one pair strung together

          Size Comparison:

          Couple detail pics:


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            Pure awesome. I stand by liking the lower legs being skin. You said something about kneepads in a PM. I think the knee pads are fine Black or could be fine Red. Judgement call there. I think I would like them either way. I love the way you did the Gloves and that Vortious Cast BnB belt looks great on him.


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              Preliminary Round: Big Boa vs TJ Combo (also WIP)