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Wizard's Tower - WIP

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  • Wizard's Tower - WIP

    I got the big Rapunzel tower about a year ago at a flea market for $10. So the plan is to turn it into a Wizard's tower. It's about 3' tall and opens up.

    I pulled out all the printed flooring and other printed stuff. There were some stairs that I also removed.

    So far I have only primed the outside to get it ready to paint.

    Here is the whole tower. He is a little hard to see but Snake Eyes is there for scale.

    It didn't come with a base so I was thinking about putting a plywood dungeon down there that will attach to the tower.

    The outside is sculpted pretty well.



    The top opens up into 2 rooms. These will be the Wizard's study/ spell casting room.

    The middle section will be used as another study I'd like to put up a bunch of shelves of artifacts and books.

    The bottom section has a fireplace and a kitchen. I'm going to turn the fireplace into a dimensional portal and I'm just going to repaint the kitchen.

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    What a great idea!


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      couple of those with some foam and you'd have a pretty impressive castle.