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    don't post wip pics often, but when I do its nice to have a visual of how things are looking and coming together. Plus its extra motivation to actually finish something. Any suggestions/Critiques welcome

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    ooooh, Can't wait to see more of the four armed guy. Is that a torso that is available that has a slot for 4-arms, or is that a mod? If it is a mod, I have to know how. Someday I would like to make Mortal Kombat Sheeva.


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      hmmm my post didnt come through. hitch one the blue guy or the dude with the white he'd (goro torso)


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        The blue guy. I had not noticed the Goro on the right. Is that the Krexx Sculpt? I have saved early pics for that figure. It was awesome. I need to dig them out and look at them again. The head was amazing.

        I will eventually want to do a Kintaro too. But for him I thought I might just get another Jazware's Goro and use that as a base. Sheeva I need to figure out how to make a female torso take four arms and look decent.


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          yep Jose's Goro

          the Lunatrix empire guys are something we need to discuss in terms of how to release them. exclusives etc. but hit up DW he will probably get you that torso. if you want a Sheeva specific torso you can always use it towards compensation if you wish to do so


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            wanted to take a pic to get a view of proportion, just as I figured Vintage helmet is too large! arghh. All the planning don't mean much until you see it start to come together. Now to put them on the back burner until the new head is done. Bummer was really looking forward to these being done.

            wip2 by mswi, on Flickr


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                decided this will be my project for the year. Starting with modelling the base. Once thats done and i see how it looks and functions. I'll move onto the back rest.Followed by the arms then the details. going to be a long process but hoping the end result justify the means.messing around with blender right now trying to get yhe demensions and basic shape