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    Everybody has that place where they like to read reviews on figures. Post the links in this thread for all to check out. Or if you have your own site where you make reviews and you do not want to start your own thread for them here, drop the link here as well. Thanks!

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    I am a big fan of Zedhatch's Reviews for a long time now. He does them on a variety of 118th scale lines. You can find him here -


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      Originally posted by Meddatron View Post
      I am a big fan of Zedhatch's Reviews for a long time now. He does them on a variety of 118th scale lines. You can find him here -
      Hah, that guy.


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        I like his style of his reviews and his photos. When I was on Banthaskull he would post there sometimes. He was always nice to me. Although I have not seen him on any boards in many years, I still check in on his site.


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          He and I got into it a few times. I'm not a fan of his.


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            Your not the first I have been told that by. Someday you will have to elaborate, if we remember.


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              He used to post over at Yakface too and I always got along with him fairly well. I always liked his city with all the different lines in 1:18 scale. As for other review site that I like:

              Carded Heroes - They haven't updated in a long time but he had some good reviews.
              The Fwoosh occasionally has some 1:18 stuff but their reviews are a bit wordy.
              TNI - I usually only scan through their pictures because I hate video reviews. If it is a figure I am really interested in I may suffer through it though.
              Fighting 118 - the format is a bit too biased for me but they usually have a lot of good pictures and the review section in the forum is a good source as well
              Rebel Scum
              Jedi Business
              16 bit Figure of the day
              I also read ChapMeiUniverse and ChapMeiToys for reviews and pictures of the various Chap Mei lines.

              I think that is most of the good ones. Am I missing any?

              Most of these I have setup to display in an RSS news feed I follow.

              And of course there is my super awesome comparison pictures of all kinds of 1:18 figures that I post over at The Fighting 118 with the most state of the art photo technology. (Usually from the dashboard of my car over my lunch break with my phone's camera. Samsung 3S FTW)

              I should have my work space setup again soon so I can take better pictures and my wife is looking up some good cameras for up close photography.
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                Please post a link here if you see any reviews of customs using AngelForge products. Thanks!


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                  It's not really a review site but I added the Plague Wars Figure Kits to my 1:18 Archive since they are planned out line.

                  Plague Wars line

                  Figures produced by Angel Forge